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They watched
as the dreaded circlette
sang electric lullabies against her skull
until the moment passed and she was gone

:iconirezumizero:Irezumizero 3 0
An Answer To Your Question
❝ Because you can't force someone to love you back;
You can't hold them back because that's.. Confinement,
and things that are confined don't love..
They rot. ❞
:iconirezumizero:Irezumizero 4 3
H o l e

I tore the heart from my chest & sent it out to you
But now a hole is all that's left, I don't know what to do

:iconirezumizero:Irezumizero 3 0
Hana Ichi Monme
My name is Kobayashi Seiko, I'm 26 years old and I am the sole survivor of an incident that occurred 13 years ago, the Matsue Incident in which all of my friends committed suicide.
I'll explain what I can, but I want to start at the beginning.
It started with a simple game of Hana Ichi Monme. In this game, there are two teams, each team sings a song about the game, then the team leaders get together to play Jankenpo, and the winner's team gets to choose a kid to take from the loser's team. Whichever team gets all the kids wins.
That day, me and my best friend Akiyuki started the game, he began as the leader of one team and I was the leader of the other. It was part of our stupid brotherly rivalry, we always challenged each other like that. We gathered the usual six kids around and picked who would be on who's team, but that day, there was one kid left over.
Akiyuki told me it was someone's cousin or something, and we should be especially nice to her because we were all a year ol
:iconirezumizero:Irezumizero 4 3
Doki Cat :iconirezumizero:Irezumizero 3 2 Kasumi and Ayane :iconirezumizero:Irezumizero 5 2 Kasumi and Ayane WIP :iconirezumizero:Irezumizero 5 0 Hasimi :iconirezumizero:Irezumizero 4 0 Markiplier - 2 :iconirezumizero:Irezumizero 3 0 Ash Nymph :iconirezumizero:Irezumizero 6 0 Suggestions? :iconirezumizero:Irezumizero 7 0 In Love With A Ghost - Nemu The Bestie :iconirezumizero:Irezumizero 5 0 Oneshot Niko :iconirezumizero:Irezumizero 3 3 Markiplier :iconirezumizero:Irezumizero 35 3 Hand Practice :iconirezumizero:Irezumizero 2 0 ...Panda? :iconirezumizero:Irezumizero 3 3



Irezumizero's Profile Picture
I'm ClairieChan, I'm a lethargic nerd
that loves drinking and reading scary stories.
I'm 22 and a Libra and will draw boobs all day if allowed to.
I'm also an introvert, but I'm not shy about talking, so say hi sometime,
maybe we can do an art trade or something.

Because I haven't added onto the story since I moved all my stuff onto the new laptop, I'm not really sure where my edits on the story ended, but I do know that the posts I've been making here have been edited since part 01, 
so I decided to just add all the posts up and edit them together like a proper story and maybe split them into chunks when it's finished, I have to re-translate the bangup job I did at tagalong in the story, too, because no one can understand it. I'm not sure if I'll remove the posts that have already been made, I might keep them up until I'm done with the complete story, just to let people know it exists in the first place. 
Anyway, I'm sleep deprived again, so I figured it'd be a nice time to write a lil update. 
Loovvee you. 

  • Listening to: Also Sprach Brooks


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Thanks for the Llama
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Thank you for the llama as well as for watching me!  I hope I do not disappoint you!  You've got quite the gallery and it looks amazing! Keep it up :)
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Hello there Claire 

Just wanted to say thanks for following me here on DA,
I hope you enjoy my further submissions as I go along and that your having a great day.

Take care and enjoy what you do! :)
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Hiya Clairiechan! :hug:

Thank you SO much for the watch, the badge, and all the favs! :iconthankiesplz:
It is greatly appreciated! :love:

Have a lovely day :iconhappysunplz: and here's a coookie too for being so awesome :iconcookieplz1:
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Based on the info in your about me section, you seem like a really cool person, and your gallery is cute!  I'm going to watch you back!
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